Along with the release of all the other rosters for Contenders Season One, the team pages of the official Overwatch Contenders site has revealed that Bazooka Puppiez have made moves to improve their bench.

Just over a week ago, Bazooka Puppiez announced that support player klanton would be stepping down from the roster to focus on his personal life and would be replaced by PsychoWaffle. While klanton is no longer a full-time player for the team, he remains a part of the roster as a substitute, should the team need him. Additionally, the team has added flex support Hidan as an additional sub. Hidan announced he was stepping down from IceblockGG and was becoming a free agent around the same time as klanton's announcement.

Bazooka Puppiez main tank, Meza, confirmed that the team was not experimenting with rosters and was simply using the two as subs, should the team need them. With Contenders having weekly roster locks rather than a season-long lock, the subs are only guaranteed to stick with the Puppiez for a week, while Hidan's place with the team for the rest of the season is unknown.

The Bazooka Puppiez enter Contenders with:

  • Artem "kensi" Budiak (DPS)
  • Toni "Ube" Häkli (Flex)
  • Metehan "Mete" Aksüt (Flex)
  • Mihail Cristian "Meza" Păunecu (Tank)
  • Ruben "Rubikon" Zurabyan (Support)
  • Jacob "PsychoWaffle" Oyer (Support)
  • Rikard "klanton" Lundberg (Substitute)
  • Mikaël "Hidan" Da Silva (Substitute)