With six days until the first games of Overwatch Contenders Season 1 kick off, Jonathan ”Reinforce” Larsson has announced on Twitter that he is no longer part of the Misfits starting line-up. The Team Sweden main tank remains under contract with Misfits but has been "granted permission to look for opportunities elsewhere".

Putting virtual pen to paper in Santa Monica where he is currently working on the Overwatch World Cup analyst desk, Reinforce has laid out his thoughts on the situation in some detail in a post on Medium entitled "LFT".

The post itself is well worth reading, but with regards to the future of Misfits the main takeaway is that the all-Swedish project was ultimately unsuccessful and that changes are coming. Fans can expect to see new faces lining up for the underperforming squad in the days ahead.

Reading between the lines, Reinforce appears to suggest that at least one of his teammates had lost faith in his abilities as a player:

"...in the case of Misfits, I’d have to fight an uphill battle of changing another player’s perception of me as a person, after already playing together for 9 months, rather than knowing all I’d have to do in order to get a chance was to be better."

In the subsequent paragraphs he goes on to celebrate the journey he has shared with TviQ up until this point, clearly showing his gratitude to the Misfits' maestro. But it remains clear that the core members had reached an impasse with regards to the future of the team.

Over the last eighteen months Reinforce has become one of the most recognisable faces in Overwatch; a poster boy for the fledgling esports scene where he has competed at the highest level for Rogue, Misfits and Team Sweden. A giant both in person and as a public persona, he has straddled the realms of professional play and broadcasting in Overwatch. However, his post has a strict focus on his past, present and future as a pro player; it is clear he is not yet ready to give up on his dream of playing in the Overwatch League.

Eight months later, Misfits appear to be coming to terms with the fact that they were not the winners of the triple shuffle. The roster must rebuild once again and prove they deserve to represent the organisation and Orlando-Miami in the Overwatch League.