MVP Infinity has met its end after a poor run in APEX Challengers Season 4. Despite committing to the roster after a shuffle left only three players on it, the org ultimately decided to drop the roster. Support player Insanity has entered free agency, while tank player BiaNcA and support player BiaNcA and Fuze were moved to an inactive position on MVP Space.

Infinity were the less successful team under the MVP banner compared to their sister team, Space, with only a single appearance in Korea’s spotlight in APEX Season 2. They missed out on APEX Season 1 in the qualifiers, and competed in Challengers while Space were in the main division. The two teams swapped places when Infinity and Space were promoted and relegated respectively in Season 2’s Super Week.

The team was put in a tough position when they arrived in APEX Season 2, placed in a group against APEX Season 1 champions EnVyUs, Season 1 semifinalists BK Stars, and Challenger contenders Meta Athena. They fought close games against EnVyUs and Meta, but they ended up with a 0-3 record in their group. An attempt was made to keep their spot for APEX Season 3, but their efforts proved fruitless as they dropped out of Season 3’s Super Week without a single map win, and were once again relegated back to Challengers.

Three new players joined Infinity prior to APEX Challengers Season 4, in a move to redeem themselves and get back to APEX. But it would be a low note that capped the end of the infinite; a series against EHOME Shield was the only win they got in their elimination from Challengers Season 4 in the first round robin.

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In the wake of Infinity’s death, tank player Brek, who left last July, was picked up by APEX Season 3 bronze medalists Afreeca Freecs Blue. The team is set to fight for the throne in APEX Season 4, with an armada of Challenger teams awaiting their presence in Group C on the APEX stage.

MVP Infinity’s final lineup was:

  • Maeng "Climax" Ju-ho (DPS)
  • Choi "easybro" Hee-seong (DPS)
  • Kim "BiaNcA" Dong-wook (Tank)
  • Son "Brek" Yong-ha (Tank)
  • Lee "WhyNot" Ju-hyub (Tank)
  • Kim "Fuze" Tae-hoon (Support)
  • Lee "Insanity" Ji-seop (Support)