Special thanks to Nosferatvs for help with this article

What stands out to most people when looking at the roster of Team Spain is the abundance of players who traditionally play Lucio. Both neptuNo and dhaK played Lucio for their now defunct rosters, and HarryHook currently plays Lucio for EnVyUs. Spain's support pedigree is so deep, in fact, that the most notable Spanish player left off the roster, Linepro, plays the same hero. At first glance it would appear Spain has a problem.

However the Spanish committee was not blind to the roles their team members play. HarryHook is known for his hitscan prowess, playing the role with EnVyUs between the additions of Mickie and EFFECT. That very same HarryHook is also a committee member for Spain, and further broke down the support roles on the team. "I trust neptuNo playing the Zenyatta role, also, he has experience with Sombra," he said. "And dhaK is a really good Lucio so he can just stay in that role." HarryHook maintains that the abundance of experienced shotcallers on the team doesn't make the team any better at calling than an ordinary team. The squad from the Iberian Peninsula instead listens to everyone's calls rather than utilize a main caller, although HarryHook admitted he is the one who mostly sets up for fights.

If things get hairy for the team, they do have a backup. Travelling with the team is longás, a man who is currently acting as a jack of all trades. HarryHook says longás will be in Sydney as both coach and manager of the team, as well as a substitute should the team need one.

For the starting six, this competition is a good chance to showcase their ability to prospective teams. While HarryHook has a team, the rest of the lineup do not. Winghaven last played for Laser Kittenz, neptuNo was on the now defunct Movistar Riders, dhaK was the longtime support of the separated Selfless squad, and BromaS and ToxikeN were last on Team Dignitas before the roster was dropped. With most of the lineup losing their teams as a result of dropped rosters, the players on the team will be looking to show-off their skills to new organizations and teams. With everybody in the competition trying so hard to win, HarryHook believes playing in the World Cup is going to be a good chance for his teammates to find good teams.

Team Spain hopes to amp it up at Sydney with:

  • Jose "BromaS" Antonio Ramos Gonzalez (DPS)
  • Jonathan "HarryHook" Tejedor (DPS)
  • Joshua "ToxikeN" Campos (Flex)
  • Sergi "Winghaven" Torras Aragonés (Tank)
  • Daniel "dhaK" Martinez Paz (Support)
  • Alberto "neptuNo" González (Support)
  • Gabriel "longás" Longás (Coach, Manager, and Substitute)