EnVision have made it to the playoffs of North American Contenders Season Zero, almost securing their spot in Season 1. Just after aiding his team to a top eight finish at minimum, ConnorJ announced on Twitter that he was stepping down from the team; Toronto Esports player Jaru will be replacing him for the duration of the playoffs.

ConnorJ joined EnVision for Contenders qualifiers, shortly after being released from TSM’s failed Overwatch project as a free agent. He was previously noted as a top player after rising alongside Kungarna in the Winter Premiere, mostly on Roadhog.

ConnorJ had joined EnVision on the flex DPS role, freed from his former Roadhog prison. The team fell to LG Evil in their first attempt of the Contenders qualifiers and then lost to Hammers on high ping in the second, but EnVision managed to qualify for the group stages after taking down Liquid 2-1.

EnVision then were placed in Group B, a stroke of luck for the up-and-coming side. With LG Evil clearly the best team in the group, it came down to a tight battle against Toronto Esports and You Guys Get Paid? for a spot in playoffs. After the first day of round robin eV found themselves in third place, but solid wins over both teams put them in second place by the end of the second, and final, day of groups.

ConnorJ then stepped down from the team, perhaps indicating a better offer has popped up elsewhere. There has been no information from the team or from ConnorJ as to his reasons for leaving the team.

Whatever the reason, EnVision are bouncing straight back. They are intending to play with Jaru for the duration of Contenders playoffs, however far through the bracket they may get, trialling him for the same spot on their team.

Jaru was a stand-out Genji for Toronto Esports in their run through the Contenders qualifiers and games in the group stages. EnVision’s dive-heavy style and ability to navigate triple DPS will be aided by a player of his calibre, but the playoffs will be a difficult battle no matter what. Liquid faces them in the quarterfinals and then their arm meets either Renegades or FNRGFE, forming an uphill battle where eV will be the underdogs throughout.

EnVision are unlikely to appear on broadcast for Contender playoffs, but their quarterfinal game begins on July 2nd at 15:00 EST.

The EnVision roster for Contenders playoffs is:

  • Jani ”Tseini” Kähkönen (DPS)
  • Jason ”Jaru” White (Trial Flex DPS)
  • Caleb ”McGravy” McGarvey (Flex)
  • Chris ”Kophee” Mehlhoff (Tank)
  • Anthony ”Fire” King (Support)
  • Riley ”Fahzix” Taylor (Support)