The last two APEX matches for Lunatic-Hai have been played without a familiar name for the squad: Whoru. Questions began flaring up as Lunatic-Hai suffered an early playoff loss to Kongdoo Panthera without their star Genji player. Lunatic-Hai has answered those questions, Whoru has been temporarily benched for violating team rules.

After his initial absence, rumors of Whoru being ill and unable to play immediately became the accepted answer to his disappearance. However, the rumor came into question when Whoru still wasn't playing in Lunatic-Hai's most recent match against Conbox Spirit. An official for Lunatic-Hai dispelled those rumors, as well as rumors of Whoru leaving the team, in a meeting with fans. The official would not give any more details, leaving fans to speculate at what Whoru could have done to prompt his benching.

Gido has been filling in for Whoru the past couple of matches for Lunatic-Hai. Their next match will be against LuxuryWatch Blue in the losers' finals of their group. The winner of that match will make it into the final playoffs for this season's APEX title. It is still unknown whether Whoru has served his time and will make a return or if Lunatic-Hai will continue running Gido for that match.