Canada's BEAT esports has announced their return to Overwatch with a $5000 tournament for North America one year after the original BEAT Invitational.

Set to commence on Friday 7th July, the three day online event will be played out over an eight team double elimination bracket. All fixtures will be best-of-fives up until the best-of-seven Grand Final. Other specifics such as map pool are as yet unknown, but organisers state that "rule updates to be confirmed by June 30th".

Invited teams

Only Cloud9 and Liquid return from the first BEAT Invitational, but without EnVyUs or Rogue in attendance, Cloud9 might be hoping for better than a 3rd place finish this time. All invitees bar EG are already competing in Blizzard's Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, but luckily the event will have concluded on July 2nd, the weekend prior to BEAT, by which time their might be a new pecking order in North America.

Fan favourites Robert "hexagrams" Kirkbride and Andrew "ZP" Rush are confirmed for the main English language stream on Additional language streams are likely but yet to be announced.