It has been a relatively short wait for Carlo "Dcop" Delsol, the trial tank player for Evil Geniuses. Only two weeks after his East Wind team mates were signed to EG's debut Overwatch roster, he finds himself joining their ranks as a fully fledged member.

However, the journey for Dcop to professional status has been a long one. Appearing as part of the Sodipop squad after Overwatch's launch until mid-July, he would not be around to see them make the transition to Immortals where his fellow countryman nomy dominated the tank position.

He had followed the path of the journeyman since those hot summer months, involved in a number of teams, but only really earning notoriety in the upper echelons of NA Overwatch towards the end of 2016 in Spicy Boys.

The dark forces of esports fame and fortune would conspire to drain the Spicy Boys talent pool and at the time back in mid-March it looked grim for our hero. But Dcop did not flounder, instead battling on to find his way on to East Wind after briefly flirting with compLexity as a stand-in during the Overwatch Carbon Series.

That single appearance for coL was a crazy double tiebreaker best-of-five series that actually ended up spanning seven maps where he faced off against Renegades and former Sodipop team mate Jer. Even though he would guide coL to victory that day it was Meza would ultimately take that tank spot which Jkw had vacated. That rejection was perhaps fortuitous, as we found out this week with the disbandment of compLexity it would have been a short lived opportunity.

His path to professional play has certainly been a rockier one compared to most of his fellow Sodipop alumni, but he now finds himself a contracted player for one of North America's premier esports organisations and a core member of one of the most exciting Overwatch rosters to breakthrough in Spring 2017.

Our crew member Gutsy reached out to Dcop to learn more about the signing:

Why did you decide to finally accept the contract with EG?

Dcop: I was looking for a team to settle with for a long time and the opportunity that EG presented me was irrefutable. All the players in the team strive to be in the top and that's all we need to succeed

What attributes/traits do you think you can bring to the team as a whole?

D: I think what i bring to the team is mostly experience and strong mechanical skill. I've been in the competitive scene for a while now, i know most of the NA teams playstyles and compositions so it brings up opportunities to play around them.

Whats the visa situation like for you, are you based in Mexico? I heard nomy who was based there couldn't travel due to some visa issues so i just wanted to clear that up.

D: Since we will not be staying at a team house for long periods i wont need the P1-A visa which would take a long time to acquire, for the moment i'll be getting the tourist visa which will take a couple weeks so I don't miss any events

Are you guys all playing in the US together at the minute?

D: All the team (but me) bootcamped 4 days during the April monthly melee but that's about it, so no, we're not together at the moment.

Is EG working on getting a team house so you can stay for long periods? Why aren't you guys able to stay for long periods at the moment?

D: We don't feel like bootcamping is necessary at the moment due to the lack of big tournaments, but mostly there's some of us that need to finish a couple more weeks/months of school.

The finalized Evil Geniuses roster is:

  • Justin "Kayuun" Ha (DPS)
  • Corey "Corey" Nigra (DPS)
  • Lucas "Peebimitsu" Nettesheim (Flex)
  • Carlo "Dcop" Delsol (Tank)
  • Anthony "Goliath" Pietro (Support)
  • Elijah "Elkiea" Gallagher (Support)