In light of the recent TSM announcement, word broke earlier today that compLexity Gaming would follow suit. Despite entertaining an Overwatch team since July of 2016, the organization now feels that it no longer has confidence in its own ability to remain in the competitive landscape.

Kyle Bautista, the general manager of compLexity, left this statement on the organization's website:

“Anticipation of Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League and an uptick in mainstream esports attention means that now more than ever, we have to be confident we’re making the best investments in each game. The decision to part ways with long-term members of our organization is never one that we take lightly, but ongoing roster instability has resulted in inconsistent performances in an already narrow field of events.

When we begin to support and develop a team, our goal is to be in it for the long haul. Unfortunately there are the rare situations in which we need to separate from our emotional attachment, and resolve ourselves to a shift in direction. Though we didn’t find the results we were looking for, we thank the team for their hard work, dedication, and determination in the face of an increasingly competitive North American scene.

To best assist the team and provide what sense of stability that we can, the group currently in our team house will be given the option to continue using our facilities for the next two months as they pursue new opportunities.

It has been a pleasure working with Jake, Nic, Joe, Jack, Mihail, Gannon, and Tiffany. We know they are only going to get stronger, and we hope our paths cross again in the Overwatch League.”

  • Kyle Bautista, General Manager

The news comes shortly after Richard Lewis's report regarding buy-ins for the Overwatch League, of which two slots are reportedly occupied by traditional sports billionaires. compLexity is not known as one of the largest brands in North America, making entrance into the Overwatch League unlikely. The team notably moved into a team house earlier in 2017, but given the recent roster moves, they are now free agents and left to their own devices. Only Jack "Shake" Kaplan remains on the team, as he works to enter a new organization in a player transfer.

compLexity notes that the organization would like to re-enter Overwatch in the future, but management believes that the current landscape is too unstable to remain in.