Frenchman Nicolas "NiCO" Moret has been trialling as a member of Rogue for several months in a bid to earn a spot on the all-French roster per French TV. Today, Rogue announced that they would be officially signing NiCO, finalizing their six-man roster after a rather long hiatus from tournament play. Previously a member of both melty and Bonjour, NiCO is no stranger to high-level play, but given Rogue's winning history, the pressure will certainly be on for this next venture.

Rogue is of course best known for victories at the Atlantic Showdown and the APAC Premier, though they were one of the three teams who participated in the massive European trade deal in late 2016. After losing Reinforce and TviQ and acquiring skipjack and SoOn, the team soon realized that an all-French lineup was necessary for success due to language and cultural barriers. skipjack was later benched by the team as they searched for a countryman to round out the roster.

While traditionally considered a European team, Rogue recently announced their relocation to Las Vegas, NV. The team will compete against American squads at the upcoming Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee and will undoubtedly be considered favorites alongside Immortals given their stellar track record.

The positions on this roster are a bit less traditional than it would seem at first glance. NiCO's transition into the team required some accommodating, and as such, KnOxXx will move to the main tank position and winz will take the mantle of the Lucio support. NiCO is listed as a flex, though it's been stated that NiCO and winz might trade spots depending on the composition.

As it stands, the Rogue roster is composed of:

  • Dylan "aKm" Bignet (DPS)
  • Terrence "SoOn" Tarlier (DPS)
  • Jean-Louis "KnOxXx" Boyer (Tank)
  • Nicolas "NiCO" Moret (Flex)
  • Michael "winz" Bignet (Flex)
  • Benjamin "uNKOE" Chevasson (Support)