Alex "Ajax" Jackson reportedly will be forced to walk away from Team SoloMid after signing only a week and a half ago, according to his Twitlonger post earlier today. While he, Connor "ConnorJ" Johnson, and Taylor "b1am" Forrest were set to make the move to TSM, Ajax was suddenly forced out of the team for actions prior to the signing.

Ajax, b1am, and ConnorJ were originally approached by Team SoloMid after demonstrating success with Kungarna during the early stages of the Winter Premiere tournament run by NGE. They signed before the LAN portion of the tournament, in which the team placed second behind Immortals. Unsurprisingly, TSM seemed unwilling to sign both Michael "mykL" Padilla and Andrej "babybay" Francisty, who either have sketchy clips thrown out against them or self-admitted histories with hacking in other games.

According to Ajax, a tweet in which he quoted an inebriated Derrick "reaver" Nowicki was presented to management after one of his followers took a screenshot of it. While Ajax deleted the tweet an hour after posting it, the short frame of time it remained online was enough to damage his career. Ajax will reportedly return home after spending time at the TSM CS:GO house preparing to build his new team.

The tweet itself read:

"I streamed going into a BDSM discord to troll some noobs, and one of you cucks ratted me to an admin. You dirty ****** sand ______"

Notably, the slurs were omitted in the original tweet as well.

While he is now a free agent, Ajax will most likely not be able to return to his teammates on Kungarna, as they recently announced a merger with Splyce which filled up all six spots on the team. Whether TSM continues with this current two-man roster in their attempts to build a team remains to be seen, as Ajax claims that they will most likely not be able to field a roster. However, this is not the first time that a SoloMid roster has fallen apart, as seen with their previous encounter with now-compLexity Gaming.

This article will be updated with a statement from Team SoloMid management should they choose to reply.