Blizzard Entertainment has revealed their plans for the 2020 Overwatch League postseason, following months of online play due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The playoffs start online on September 3 with respective brackets for the North America and Asia regions. Each starts with a single-elimination play-in tournament of the lower seeds before moving to a double-elimination bracket.

The top two teams from each region will then compete as the final four in a double-elimination bracket for the championship. The two North American teams will travel to Asia for the top four so that all teams can play online on the same server. Beforehand, there will be a few weeks needed β€œfor health and safety needs and to account for travel logistics.”

Blizzard did not officially announce which country will host the teams for the top four. South Korea, where some of the Asian teams are located, requires all inbound travelers to quarantine for 14 days, while China banned all foreigners from entering the country.