Reigning Contenders Europe champions Angry Titans Angry Titans Inactive have announced their new roster following an offseason of departures from both the roster and the coaching staff.

The Angry Titans have added three new players and one new coach to their organization. Their new players are main tank SuperPlouk , off-tank moursi and hitscan DPS kevster . Their new head coach is iLka .

The team is also now without assistant coach Faustus, bench flex support player iPN and hitscan DPS player Spectr9l. Spectr9l previously stated he looking for a new team, but mentioned he was still under contract with Angry Titans at that time.

SuperPlouk joins Angry Titans after spending the previous season with Eternal Academy. Eternal Academy disbanded following their relegation to Open Division.

kevster comes from another academy team in NRG Esports. They also disbanded, but their disband was motivated by the Shock no longer desiring an academy team rather than for performance reasons.

moursi makes his return to Angry Titans after a season with Wind and Rain in Open Division and Contenders Trials. He was a substitute for Angry Titans prior to playing for Wind and Rain and played in one map for the team during Contenders Season 2 2018.

Their new coach, iLka, was an assistant coach for ATL Academy last season. ATL Academy finished second in North America West last season and qualified for the Atlantic Showdown. They were eliminated by Angry Titans and finished fourth.

They all join an Angry Titans that has lost several in June. Off-tank player eMIL left for Gladiators Legion, main tank LullSiSH joined Team Envy, head coach Optidox joined the Montreal Rebellion and Spectr9l is no longer with the team.

There are now only two players on the Angry Titans roster who were a part of the roster they first entered Contenders play in 2018 with. Those two are flex support Afoxx and flex DPS Erki.

Angry Titans will seek to defend their Contenders Europe championship in Contenders 2019 Season 2.

Angry Titans Angry Titans Inactive are now:

  • Kevin "kevster" Persson (DPS)
  • Erik "erki" Nolander (DPS)
  • Michael "moursi" Moursi (Off-tank)
  • Bastien "SuperPlouk" Klau (Tank)
  • / Fabio " AFoxx" Veigas (Flex Support)
  • Alexandre "Phatt" Silva (Support)

And the coaches are:

  • Ilias "iLka" Kaskanetas (Head Coach)
  • Quentin "Wrath" Sevegner (Assistant Coach)