European Contenders caster Dezachu has retired from casting Overwatch Contenders. He seeks to commit more time to work outside of esports while casting Rainbow Six Siege.

Dezachu revealed in his Twitlonger he owned a software business he kept afloat with esports work while building it up. Due to the recent success of his business, he can't justify spending half a year abroad working esports while there is a team working for him in the United Kingdom.

He will now focus on casting one-off events and local UK tournaments as opposed to entire seasons of esports competition. Rainbow Six Siege has such competitions and therefore Dezachu will work on casting that game instead of Overwatch.

Dezachu was one of four English casters who worked on all three seasons of Contenders Europe in 2018. He and the other Contenders Europe casters quickly gained popularity for their casting despite being relatively unknown prior to their work in Contenders.

No replacement for Dezachu has been announced as of yet. The remaining English talent is LEGDAY, Tridd and Jaws casting and TechGirl on the desk.