The Guangzhou Overwatch League franchise has announced its team branding. The franchise will be known as the Guangzhou Charge Guangzhou Charge OWL Rank #3 HOTBA Choi Hong-joon off tank Shu Kim Jin-seo flex support nero Charlie Zwarg dps Happy Lee Jung-woo (이정우) dps Rio Oh Seung-pyo (오승표) tank Chara Kim Jung-yeon (김정연) support .

The Charge are the first of China's three Overwatch League expansion franchises to reveal their branding. While the Hangzhou and Chendgu franchises have not officially revealed their branding yet, logos and names were leaked through API of the Overwatch League's mobile app.

Charge branding

Currently, the Charge have only announced the addition of one player to their roster. The Philadelphia Fusion traded HOTBA to the Charge last month.

The Guangzhou Charge must have eight players signed to their roster by December 1. The next season of the Overwatch League begins February 14.