Team Gigantti Team Gigantti Inactive zappis Joonas Alakurtti off tank Davin Tuomo Leppänen dps Leaf Lucas Loison dps Milkyman Otto Sarén tank Zuppeh Aleksi Kuntsi support main tank lhcloudy has joined the academy team of the Florida Mayhem, Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Inactive . He will be the roster's seventh player.

LhCloudy has played with Gigantti for the entirety of 2018, joining the organization after spending 2017 with ENCE eSports. His time with Gigantti saw two appearances in the Contenders Europe playoffs. In Contenders Season 1, his team made it to the grand final before narrowly losing to the British Hurricane. In Contenders Season 2, the team was eliminated by Eagle Gaming in the semifinal.

He joins a Mayhem Academy team that transitioned between main tank players in the middle of the previous Contenders season. The team started Contenders Season 2 with another Finnish tank in Milkymann, but dropped him in favor of Alined during the season.

The Florida Mayhem recently announced the release of the majority of its roster. Among the three remaining players on the team is a main tank, aWesomeGuy.

The roster of Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Inactive is now: