RevoltZ e-Sports Club RevoltZ e-Sports Club Inactive agM Iury George Miranda off tank TH7 Thiago Valente dps Edigas Edgar Camargo dps Txozin André Saidel tank Th1ago Thiago Fragoso support Himura João Pedro Fonseca Monteiro support Barijan Thiago Bueno support have dropped their Overwatch squad competing in Contenders South America. The roster will finish out Contenders Season 2 with the RevoltZ name before renaming themselves UP Gaming.

The roster was picked up by RevoltZ before the start of Contenders Trials Season 2. Before playing for RevoltZ, the team played for the Keyd Stars organization after being picked up during Contenders Season 1. They were dropped by Keyd Stars shortly following the end of Contenders Season 1.

As a result, the team will once again don the clothes of UP Gaming, the roster's name during the first season of Contenders Trials and the beginning of Contenders Season 1.

The roster is currently playing in the playoffs of Contenders South America Season 2. Their next match is in the quarterfinals against Black Dragons e-Sports on August 25.