Off-tank Midnight and main tank Chubz have announced their departures from the Copenhagen Flames Copenhagen Flames Inactive . Both players are free agents looking for new teams.

Midnight was released from the organization by his own request. Midnight stated in his own tweet that he would clarify the situation with his own update sometime soon. He followed that tweet with a looking for team tweet.

Chubz left the team because of differences between him and the team on how the team should progress, according to the Flames. Following his release, he made his own looking for team tweet.

With the departure of Chubz, naGGa becomes the only player left on the roster who was on the original Piece of Cake squad signed to the Flames prior to Contenders Season 1. Four of the original members were released between Season 1 and Season 2.

Copenhagen Flames have not yet announced the replacements for their tanks. They have until July 9 when they play Eagle Gaming to find new ones.

The remaining members of Copenhagen Flames Copenhagen Flames Inactive are:

  • Nikolai "naGGa" Dereli (DPS)
  • Karol "DANYE" Szcześniak (DPS)
  • Danni "Ding" Rasmussen (Support)
  • Cem "immortal" Oezgecen (Support)