Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Inactive , academy team of the Florida Mayhem, have announced their new roster for Contenders Season 2. The team retains three players from last season's roster while adding three new players to the squad.

Apply, Paintbrush and crems all remain with the team. In addition, assistant coach reprize retains his position.

DPS Shax, main tank Milkymann and support HaGoPeun join the team. Shax played last season of Contenders with Orgless and Hungry, while HaGoPeun most recently played in the Overwatch League with the London Spitfire. Milkymann has competed with Open Division teams, such as Augmented Authority, but has never played at Contenders level or above. The team is also bringing in former Toronto Esports head coach Renanthera.

The roster announcement additionally revealed flex DPS zZa is no longer part of the team. He is now a free agent.

Mayhem Academy play their first match of Contenders Season 2 July 3 against Gladiators Legion.

The Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Inactive squad is now: