Brazilian esports organization Black Dragons e-Sports Black Dragons e-Sports South America Rank #0 Nitro Gabriel Gaspar dps ShadowSong Alan Milan tank ShawnOFF Áquila Paiva flex Stylo Bruno Lapa flex winiking Rhuan Queiroz support Tracker Victor Boldrim support has announced their acquisition of the Just W roster.

The acquisition comes after both Black Dragons e-Sports and Just W secured spots for the next season of Contenders via quarterfinal finishes in Season 1. Black Dragons had a season that was far from smooth sailing, making a trade with paiN Gaming midway through the season they that saw a major roster transformation, along with starting DPS TH7 being banned right before the playoffs for boosting. Just W, on the other hand, was more stable than that of Black Dragons, making no roster changes during the season.

Since Just W has joined Black Dragons, the former Just W roster will either sell their spot to a new team or the spot will be filled with an additional team promoted from Trials.

The next season of Contenders begins July 5 for South America. The date of the first match for Black Dragons has yet to be announced.