The rosters of paiN Gaming and Black Dragon e-Sports have undergone massive changes as Black Dragons has transferred their core to paiN and picked up a host of Brazilian free agents as replacements.

Fastie, kolero and murizzz have been traded from Black Dragons to paiN. Black Dragons has also transferred coach Insanityz to paiN.

Snow has also departed from the Black Dragons and Wetter, formerly the team's flex, has moved to a coaching role.

In return for the Black Dragons trio, paiN has sent Xikon over to their rivals. In addition to Xikon, the Black Dragons have also picked up sesh, Noxway, piahh, Bac4naGuy and Th1ago.

sesh and piahh both played for a 2017 rendition of WS Esports, while Bac4naGuy played for North Lions Black. Th1ago is making his return to competitive Overwatch after last playing in 2016.

In addition to the moves between the two squads, paiN Gaming also picked up Just W tank Kyo as an analyst. Just W has picked up sleepers as his replacement.

While the roster changes are immediate, this week's Contenders matches will not show the new lineups. Matches in Contenders South America are prerecorded the weekend prior to their broadcast times.