Support player dridro has announced his departure from Copenhagen Flames Copenhagen Flames Inactive . He is the third player alongside PoPiFresH and Hayko to leave the team since the end of Contenders, and is now a free agent.

dridro first joined Piece of Cake (Flames' initial name) as a Mercy during the height of Mercy's meta. As the meta began to demand more flexibility and his team was picked up by the Flames, dridro showed he could adapt and played Lúcio and Ana when needed.

He and his team qualified for Contenders through Contenders Trials and went on to make it into the playoffs of Contenders Europe, but their journey ended when they were swept by Angry Titans in the quarterfinals.

With half of the roster leaving the team, naGGa, Chubz and MarineLorD will look to rebuild for Contenders Season 2.

The remaining embers of the Copenhagen Flames Copenhagen Flames Inactive are: