Korean offtank envy has joined Meta Bellum, returning to the professional scene just over a month after he was released by the Los Angeles Valiant. Bellum finished the inaugural season of Contenders Korea in 3rd-4th place, outperforming their winless sister team Meta Athena.

The release of envy shocked many in April, as he was considered at the time to be one of the best offtanks competing in the Overwatch League. Both the player and the organisation publicly cited cultural problems that were causing team chemistry issues as the reason for the mutual release. The move marked the end of envy's long tenure under the Immortals organisation.

It is currently unclear how the team will manage the addition of envy to their now seven-man roster. Bellum benefited from the play of offtank player Hoon this past season of Contenders. Hoon could potentially find himself transferred to Athena during the off-season as the team prepares for Contenders Trials, although it remains a possibility Bellum retain him for use in triple tank lineups.