After losing his spot as main tank of Toronto Esports to Axxiom, tank player Pumple has returned to the Foxes, where he previously played for the team in APEX Season 4.

Pumple was the main tank of Foxes during their run from APEX Challengers Season 4 to the top four of APEX Season 4. He then moved to the role of flex tank during the Nexus Cup, where Axxiom foreshadowed what would happen in a few months by pushing Pumple out of the main tank role.

He later moved across the Pacific to join Tornoto Esports, playing only two matches with the Korean and American team in Contenders: North America before heading back to South Korea on his old team in the wake of his replacement.

After helping Foxes secure a win in his first match back with the team, he will be looking to secure a spot in the Contenders Korea playoffs by winning their next match against O2 Ardeont, who hold a map advantage over Foxes despite having the same match record as the team.