The San Francisco Shock have signed former CONBOX and X6-Gaming DPS Architect and former Toronto Esports support Moth.

According to Shock analyst Harsha, Moth has already joined the team in Los Angeles, while Architect is expected to join sometime in Stage 3.

Architect first rose to the spotlight in APEX Season 3 and Season 4 as a standout projectile player for CONBOX. His performance helped lead CONBOX to a quarterfinal run in both seasons. More recently, he helped X6 reach third place in Overwatch Team Story Chapter 4 and take the title of the Nexus Cup 2017 Finals.

Moth previously played for Toronto Esports and was to play for them as the Boston Uprising academy roster in Contenders before being signed to the Shock. Before that, Moth played in the 2016 season of Tespa with Worcester Polytechnic Institute, placing second in the school's region and within the top eight nationally. As a result, Moth is the first Overwatch League player to have played a full Tespa season before joining the league.

These free agent signings will not be the only players newly made available for the San Francisco Shock. DPS sinatraa will become available for the team come Stage 2 Week 5, while tank super will be able to play in the first week of Stage 3.