North American Contenders team Grizzlys has announced their roster on YouTube. The team consists of players from the United States and Europe.

The team's DPS duo are Zaprey and Spirit. Zaprey spent the latter half of 2017 on the all-Danish Copenhagen Flames, while Spirit last played for Open Division 2017 Season 2 team 6 Rinas following the disband of Rise Nation.

The team's flex will be former MEGA Esports flex Graceful. He will be the team's frontline along with main tank Pagh. Pagh was previously a teammate of Zaprey's on the Copenhagen Flames, where he also played tank.

The team will draw from more 6 Rinas alumni on support, with Dahun and b1am. Before his time with the Rinas, Dahun was a longtime member of ARC 6 before being replaced by Custa just after Contenders Season Zero. b1am's run with 6 Rinas followed a failed attempt by TSM to build a roster centered around him and ConnorJ.

Grizzlys will play the first match of 2018 Contenders Season 1 North America against a team promoted from Trials on Sunday, March 11 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Grizzlys charge into Contenders with:

  • Nikolaj "Zaprey" Ian Moyes (DPS)
  • Adam "Spirit" Wills (DPS)
  • Martin "Graceful" Wongprom (Flex)
  • Casper "Pagh" Larsen (Tank)
  • Donald "Dahun" Leigh (Support)
  • Taylor "b1am" Forrest (Support)
  • Kevin "Wonderfuls" Nguyen (Substitute)
  • Athen "Aythen" Zhu (Substitute)
  • Sword (Coach)
  • Sovereign (Manager)