Sources have confirmed that North American teams competing in the upcoming Contenders Trials are now competing for two Contenders places rather than one. With the spots of FNRGFE and Rogue already sold and EnVision holding onto the other, this would mean that FaZe Clan has dropped out of Overwatch and failed to sell their spot.

FaZe Clan took home second in 2017's iteration of Contenders, but was not among the list of organizations that bought into the Overwatch League. As a result, all of the team's players, minus FCTFCTN, signed contracts with Overwatch League teams, tearing apart the talented FaZe roster.

Due to the number of North American Overwatch League Academy teams, opportunities to play-in to the first season of Contenders 2018 in North America have been limited. Whereas every other region has multiple spots for Contenders Trials team to earn their way into Contenders, North America was previously limited to one. While North America remains the region with the least amount of spots available for Contenders Trials teams to qualify for Contenders, the number has at least doubled to two.

Contenders Trials North America begins this Saturday, February 17. Follow all matches on's ticker, or look ahead at the schedule on the event page.