Toronto Esports has announced on their website their roster has been picked up by various Academy teams and the organization will have to drop out of the current season of Open Division. The team intends to build itself a new roster.

After failing to qualify for 2017 Contenders Season One, Toronto Esports found success with the roster it built in the following months. The organization won The Overguard: Haste Overwatch $1k Series 4, took home the Open Division 2017 Season 2 title and was undefeated in the current season of Open before its disband.

The team has already seen some of its former players find new homes. Hakumei was announced to the newest iteration of Kungarna last month while crakinlakin was announced to the Fusion Academy just last week.

Those two will not be alone in finding homes for Overwatch Contenders. American players Dalton, Moth, nero and Dogman have all found homes, as well as Korean imports Panker and Poro. At this time, their destinations have yet to be announced.