Ali 'Alicus' Saba has joined Infinite Esports and Entertainment, the parent company of OpTic Gaming and the Houston Outlaws, as a Scouting Director. His role with the organisation will include building the Outlaws' academy team for the North American division of Contenders.

Once the General Manager of Misfits, Alicus stepped into the spotlight in the Overwatch scene after creating Laser Kittenz. Built with aspirations of joining the Overwatch League, Laser Kittenz drew attention for their unique branding, numerous roster moves and relatively strong performances.

Alicus and the Kittenz roster would later go on to join American organisation Cloud9, owners of the London Overwatch League spot. Alicus' stint with Cloud9 was brief, departing from the organisation as news broke that he was facing a contractual dispute with former Laser Kittenz players. Cloud9 went on to sign a Korean roster instead of retaining the Cloud9 EU team for the London Spitfire.

Now a member of Infinite Esports and Entertainment, Alicus has completed his goal of Overwatch League involvement (as well as responsibilities in other Esports). The rosters of the Overwatch League Academy Teams are expected to be revealed over the coming months, whilst the Outlaws will play their first match against the Fusion on January 11.