German esports organisation, Angry Titans, have announced their finalized roster, concluding a rebuild following months of inconsistent results. AFoxx, immortal and LullSiSH will play alongside newly signed players erki, ONIGOD and ELLIVOTE.

The new roster has already played together as a unit, claiming the Open Division Western Europe Season 3 title. The Titans will hope to emulate this result in the first season of the Open Division in 2018, given Blizzard's recent announcement of a path from the Open Division to Contenders.

ONIGOD is perhaps the most well known of the team's new additions, with previous experience playing on Toronto Esports and REUNITED, as well as his time with Team Norway in the Shanghai World Cup Qualifiers this year. He will play DPS alongside fellow new addition, erki, who most recently played on Can we end early?, a Swedish roster that turned in strong performances in Europe's tier two scene.

ELLIVOTE will continue to play in the Flex position that he manned for Vivi's Adventure, reuniting with former Vivi's players AFoxx and LullSiSH following the team's disbandment in August (although AFoxx left the Vivi's roster in early July).

Together the players form an experienced team with well respected players from the European scene. With five Contenders Europe spots up for grabs in the first season of Contenders Trials Europe, the Angry Titans first goal will be to place in the top eight of the European Open Division as to secure a place in the Trials tournament.

The new-look Angry Titans roster is:

  • Stefan "ONIGOD" Fiskerstrand (DPS)
  • Erik "erki" Nolander (DPS)
  • Elliot "ELLIVOTE" Vaneryd (Flex)
  • Lukas "LullSiSH" Wiklund (Tank)
  • Fabio " AFoxx" Veigas (Support)
  • Cem "immortal" Oezgecen (Support)
  • Christian "radioboii" Gutzelnig (Coach/Analyst)