Team Gigantti has announced the additions of lhcloudy and Ripa to their roster. Both players were members of ENCE eSports, who will be rebuilding their roster from scratch around their newest addition, OLBAA.

Team Gigantti took home the Contenders Season One Europe title with an all-Finnish lineup, defeating the Misfits roster that became the Florida Mayhem Overwatch League squad. The team ended up being ripped apart by their own success as four members of the team left to compete in the Overwatch League.

It was assumed by many that Gigantti had played their last match of Overwatch and as a result, zappis and Davin would be forced to look for new teams to compete with in Contenders Season Two. This announcement commits Team Gigantti to a rebuild rather than a disband, and should inspire hope for those hoping to see a squad of Finns compete with some of Europe's best in Contenders. In the meantime, the two remaining cornerstones of Finland's best will be playing together this week in the Overwatch Heroes Rumble as members of Team Zappis.

ENCE have entered into a rebuilding period of their own in preparation for the next season of Contenders. The team announced on their website that lhcloudy and Ripa had been transferred to Gigantti for an undisclosed fee, while Trickwide, rCK, and BAITO have all been released from the organization. The team will begin their clean slate with the signing of OLBAA, who will serve as team captain and will work with management and coaches to build the next iteration of ENCE eSports.