Xushu and Undead have each been fined ¥3000 CNY ($450~ USD) by the Shanghai Dragons for account sharing, whilst team leader Shaco has been withheld his monthly bonus for failing to "prevent this misbehavior proactively," as announced by the Dragons on Twitter. The Overwatch League front office has not yet issued a statement in relation to the matter.

The announcement comes shortly after Xushu and Undead became the center of controversy after Xushu shared one of his accounts with Undead so that the pair could duo queue, violating terms specified in The Blizzard End User License Agreement that prohibit the sharing of accounts. It seems likely that the pair will be penalized in some form by the Overwatch League front office for this violation after Philadelphia Fusion player sado was suspended for thirty games due to his violation of the End user License Agreement when account boosting.

This is not Undead's first time in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, as he was a member of the LGD roster that was fined and docked map picks in the Premier Series Summer playoffs for matchfixing a ranked game.