Dallas Fuel were born from the EnVyUs roster that conquered Western Overwatch and have reigned supreme ever since their APEX Season 1 championship. Their roster has gone through changes, but their quality, dominance, and creativity were constant. A carefully added selection of players from across the world has helped make them one of the favourites and most popular teams going into Overwatch League Season 1.

Alongside the Korean titans, Dallas Fuel complete the trio of teams most expect to see finishing at the top of the league come June. With KyKy in command and an experienced, LAN proven, and powerful team behind him, the Season 1 title will be firmly in their sights. One of Fuel's greatest strengths is their built-in flexibility; while some teams rely on specialists to fill certain roles, the Dallas Fuel team have a core of players who can all play multiple roles and have continued this trend in their expansion.

Their main tank cocco will most likely spend much of the season on Reinhardt and Winston but originally started out as a Zarya. The Swede may never be required to play this hero for his team, but with future metas uncertain, it can never hurt to have this much versatility. Joining him as an alternative is World Cup 2017 finalist, xQc. The popular streamer is a more aggressive main tank than his Swedish teammate and provides Dallas with a different option going forward or perhaps a change of pace off the bench if the game isn’t going their way.

Accompanying them in the front line will be Mickie, who became the quintessential D.Va player during EnVy’s APEX championship run. With a flair for big bombs and relentless enthusiasm, he is a huge part of the team both on and off the server. Also falling into the flex category is the ever-popular Seagull. Very much the face of Overwatch, the ‘gull brings a flock of followers, sometimes overshadowing just how good of a player he is. Better on projectile DPS but just as apt on a large range of heroes, Seagull opens up triple DPS options and brings an insightful voice from a strategical perspective.

Taking one of the primary DPS positions is Taimou, quite possibly the best Widowmaker and McCree there is. He is partnered with EFFECT, a superstar who makes a strong case for best Tracer in the world as well. The Korean is driven to become the perfect DPS and carry his team to victory, while the Finn is happy to play more of a supporting role despite his prowess. The pair's relationship is an echo of the entire team: individually skilled but always putting the team first.

There is no more prominent example of this ethos than HarryHook. It has been said many times before but is worth repeating that the Spanish star could start in DPS for most teams in the world; instead he will be playing support. Harry will get fewer opportunities to demonstrate his aim in this role, but he has a mind for the game and is outstanding on support too. With the addition of Custa, along with Lucio falling out of the meta, circumstances may open up more room for HarryHook to move onto Soldier: 76. This is by no means a certainty but again exhibits the flexibility of this roster.

The Dallas Fuel's Australian support has proven himself to be a top-class Zenyatta and is accomplished on other support heroes, dazzling viewers on his stream recently with newly-released Moira. Custa may not feature as the first choice flex support for the Fuel but will be an asset and add great depth to the team’s supporting cast. Though custa could start for many OWL teams, in Dallas Fuel he would have to make a case above chipshajen who—like many of his teammates—is amongst the best in the world at his role.

Every single member adds something to this team both in-game and to the atmosphere outside of it. The skill speaks for itself, and each player deserves to be in Overwatch League. What sets Dallas Fuel apart from their competition is the burning determination of each individual and the focus on the team. Each decision will be made with the team at the forefront of each players' mind -- their decision-making fused with great versatility and experimental plays to catch their opponents off guard. The Koreans may not be as far ahead as everyone thinks, and if there is one team to stop them, it will be Dallas Fuel.

The Dallas Fuel roster is:

  • Kim "EFFECT" Hyeon (DPS)
  • Timo "Taimou" Kettunen (DPS)
  • Brandon "Seagull" Larned (Flex)
  • Pongphop "Mickie" Rattanasangohod (Flex)
  • Christian "cocco" Jonsson (Tank)
  • Félix “xQc” Lengyel (Tank)
  • Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund (Support)
  • Scott "Custa" Kennedy (Support)
  • Jonathan "HarryHook" Tejedor Rua (Support)