China's World Cup roster has undergone major changes ahead of Blizzcon due to visa issues. uNdeAD, Shy, mg and 5King will not be joining Team China at Blizzcon after competing in the Shanghai qualifiers. In their place, leave, YuanFang2, Time and zhufanjun have been added to the roster, joining Eileen and YaoYao from the original six.

Despite recent rumours that players from Miraculous Youngster were going to make up the large majority of the new roster, only two players from the dominant Chinese team will make their way to America. Team China now has one representative from LGD Gaming, two from Miraculous Youngster, two from Oh My God and one Miracle Team One. The full effect of these changes on the team's play will remain unknown until their match against Team France in the quarterfinals, with concerns raised by some over YuanFang2 and zhufanjun's overlapping hero pools at the support position.

This is one of the many times visa issues have hindered competitors in the World Cup, with Team Russia experiencing similar problems before the Katowice World Cup Qualifiers. More recently in other events, Tonic was unable to secure a visa to compete with 123 in the Contenders Season One playoffs in Burbank.

Team China's roster is now:

  • Ou "Eileen" Yiliang (DPS)
  • Huang "leave" Xin (DPS)
  • Bian "Time" Yutao (Tank)
  • Li "YaoYao" Haibo (Tank)
  • He "zhufanjun" Junjian (Support)
  • Cao "YuanFang2" Jiale (Support)