Photo via EnVision eSports

While last year's APAC tournament served as an opportunity for two of the best teams in the world to duke it out, with the French side of Rogue ultimately proving victorious, this year's provides quite a new test. Feisty western underdogs EnVision venture into enemy territory alone, looking to make the west proud while proving themselves on an international stage.

Hot off a playoffs-worthy finish in Overwatch Contenders Season 1, EnVision enters with new confidence. The team began as a group of scrappy underdogs, but with Jaru's addition and the added dynamic of an entire focused coaching staff, they became a legitimate top team in North America.

As noted, Jaru served as the main carry for the team during Overwatch Contenders Season 1. With Doomfist making a splash in the metagame, Jaru was able to work his fists with McGravy shoring the damage up on either his Tracer or McCree. While Doomfist sees little play outside of China these days, Jaru's ability to step up on every projectile DPS hero has been a massive asset for the team, while McGravy's consistency cannot be undervalued.

Alongside the two DPS players is EnVision's pair of supports: Fire and Fahzix. With the former calling the shots and the latter pumping the team with heals, the pair functions well as a unit and competed against the likes of chipshajen and HarryHook, as well as Rawkus and Joemeister. Though they aren't flashy, they're efficient; they do their job enough to win.

The tank line of EnVision is perhaps the most intriguing part of their roster. Despite having ChrisTFer for week 1 of Contenders and numlocked throughout the rest, they will play with Chayne, a relatively untested commodity, for the entirety of APAC. Despite his humble reputation, Chayne earned his spot on both You Guys Get Paid? and Fnatic, though his true toughness will be put to the test against rough Asian competition in his first official match with EnVision. Tseini cleans up as the flex player for the team, while he shifts over to his top tier Pharah for control maps when the situation arises.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the roster is not any combination of the individual players, but the team's ability to work together overall. Their story is that of a lineup whose whole is worth more than the sum of its parts; EnVision maximizes their potential through sheer grit and love of competition.

The team's first match is against the fierce Flash Wolves, but EnVision comes prepared. The team knows just how dangerous it can be, and as McGravy aptly describes in a prior Contenders victory, EnVision thrives when the competition sleeps on them.