The North American finals saw EnVyUs take on FaZe Clan, with EnVy not missing a beat as they continued their season-long domination in North America.


EnVy's Seagull started on Pharah, going head to head with FaZe's ShaDowBurn on Well. It was the boys in blue who dominated the skies early on, allowing EnVy to take the lead. Despite some fighting from FaZe, the triple DPS from EnVy was too deadly as they took the first round.

Lighthouse was up next, and ShaDowBurn's switch to Genji helped him get early picks to give FaZe control of the point. It was a scrappy back and forth, but ultimately it was EFFECT who made the difference, constantly harassing Rawkus and cleaning up fights. EnVy took the second round and the map off the back of his Tracer play.


Mickie returned to the lineup for Hybrid, and started on the defensive Torbjorn. He didn’t last long however, as FaZe’s triple tank and Hanzo offence made short work of the Swedish dwarf. A good Primal-Rage from cocco allowed EnVy to stabalise and force FaZe onto a more standard composition. EnVy were then set up as Taimou got pick after pick on Widowmaker, disallowing FaZe from getting through.

After stopping FaZe halfway through the second phase on defence, Taimou stayed on Widowmaker for the offense. He was hardly needed as EnVy swept over the FaZe defence with relative ease. Carpe then switched over to Widowmaker to match Taimou, helping FaZe find their footing. It was short-lived stability, however, as EnVy took the map on their next attack to go 2-0 up.

Temple of Anubis

EnVy started their defence with chipshajen on Mercy and Taimou dominating on Junkrat. FaZe eventually broke through and secured Point A, and as they moved on to Point B, they had several positive engagements. But Taimou proved a thorn in their side once again with his RIP-Tires on defence. A trademark Nano-Blade from ShaDowBurn finally allowed FaZe to capture in overtime.

On attack, a straightforward Point A capture gave EnVy a hefty timebank for Point B, and using most of it, they eventually broke through the FaZe defence with 1:11 remaining. An aggressive defence from Carpe and ShaDowBurn almost forced the tie on the second attack phase, but EFFECT clutched it brilliantly in the final moments to put EnVy on series point.

Route 66

Seagull would come back in on D.Va for the defence, but it was all about EFFECT though as he dominated his opposition. FaZe scraped the first point in overtime and turned their push into a map completion, in large part due to ShaDowBurn getting continuous picks.

It was a single support composition for EnVy on attack, featuring Soldier 76, Roadhog and Junkrat. The set up was creative, but Carpe and ShaDowBurn continued to excel and picked apart EnVy’s offence. Despite FaZe’s DPS dominating, EnVy still found a way to complete the map.

In their second attack, EnVy got past the second checkpoint in overtime with a single support and Bastion composition. Back on defence, it was back to back EMPs from Taimou to help close out the series. In a straight four maps, EnVyUs became the North American Contenders Season 1 champions.

From the start of the season to the final series, EnVy dominated everyone who stood in their way, with their well-deserved victory welcoming Seagull to the squad. It was also the perfect ending to their time as EnVyUs, as they now transition into the Dallas Fuel team for the Overwatch League.