Championship Sunday began with an almighty European clash, where the unbeaten Misfits faced Team Gigantti in a best-of-seven. The match was hotly tipped to be a memorable clash, and it did not disappoint.


Gigantti started strong on University, racking up a 95% lead using a Reinhardt and Zarya composition. Misfits eventually regained control, but with such a disadvantage, it was only a matter of time before Gigantti took the first round.

It was déjà vu on Gardens with Gigantti taking a huge lead early on, this time thanks to some superb Genji play from LiNkzr. Gigantti eventually lost control, but it didn’t last long as LiNkzr struck again to clinch the map for his team.


On defence, it was Reinhardt and Zarya again for Gigantti, and it served them well on the first stage, delaying Misfits for three minutes. It wasn’t as effective on the final two stages as Misfits ran through them, as fragi got caught too far forward, and TviQ capitalised on Junkrat, allowing Misfits finished the map with 1:05 left.

For Gigantti’s attack, it was zappis’ Zarya that allowed them to set a fast pace early on, but an aggressive defence of the second phase caused serious delays. With the cart just across the bridge, Misfits were able to set up on the high ground, and from there Gigantti were unable to challenge them. Gigantti’s strong start meant nothing as they ran out of ideas and time, losing the second map.

Temple of Anubis

Once again, Gigantti started strong, taking Point A and the first tick on Point B in quick succession, with Shaz on Reaper. They later struggled however to engage without taking entry damage from TviQ’s Junkrat. The limited healing seemed to be costing them, but two early picks from LiNkzer opened the door and allowed them to cap with 17 seconds remaining.

Misfits then took Point A with little resistance, but when it came to Point B, they opted for a DPS combo of Reaper and Widowmaker that proved ineffective. A late swap onto Tracer for TviQ was too little, too late as Gigantti regained their lead.

Route 66

Gigantti started on defence, and a 30 second EMP from Shaz helped them win the first fight. From there the EMPs kept coming, and Misfits had no answer. After their full hold, it was a straightforward task for Gigantti, building up their ultimates to take map four, putting the Finns on match point.


Misfits opted to take it back to Eichenwalde, needing to win all three remaining maps. There was no Reinhardt or Zarya on defence for Gigantti, and they were quickly opened up. Misfits were setting a blistering pace, until some misplaced Gravitons from Manneten on the final checkpoint allowed Gigantti to hold.

Once again, zappis was on fire as Zarya, getting his team off to a good start on their attack. Gigantti kept the pace up, surpassing the distance they obtained first time around. They had two minutes left as they entered the final phase, and while it was a series of scrappy fights, Misfits clung on to force another map.

Temple of Anubis

Gigantti returned the favour, taking it back to a map they won earlier in the series. It was Misfits who looked more prepared though, shutting down multiple attacks on Point A. Eventually Gigantti were able to move on to Point B, and it was a return to the single support with Shaz on Reaper. The limited healing cost them once again, and this time LiNkzr could not save them as they were fully held.

Misfits would then attack, needing just a single tick on Point B to take it to the last map. Point A was no issue, but Gigantti dug their heels in on Point B. It wasn’t until Manneten switched to Zarya that they were able to break the hold, taking it to the seventh and final map.


Misfits started passively on Well with TviQ on Pharah, but it paid off as they took the lead. Then LiNkzr impressed on Genji again, shutting down TviQ and evening up the scores before Misfits would attempt a retake. It looked all but lost for Gigantti when a Dragon Blade from LiNkzr turned the tides of the final fight, and put his team one round up.

On Lighthouse, LiNkzr was the star once again, this time on McCree. The young Finn forced TviQ off Pharah, and Misfits never recovered. It was all over as the score ticked 100% to 0% for Gigantti to take the series and the Contenders Season 1 EU championship.

It was the first major LAN win for Team Gigantti, and in the post-game interview, zappis heaped praise on LiNkzr, as the multitalented DPS player came through in so many clutch situations throughout the series. It was certainly a match to remember, as the Finnish all-stars beat the odds to lift the trophy, and were crowned the best team in Europe.