Team Envy, owners of the Dallas-Austin Overwatch League franchise, are now the second team to announce their branding, after the Shanghai Dragons were the first team to do so last week. Envy's Overwatch League franchise will be playing under the name and branding of the Dallas Fuel.

The name and colors were crafted to marry together the history of Envy, its investors, and the region, as per a press release from the franchise. The state of Texas has had a history of being one of the leaders in energy production within the United States, and EnVy's principle investor, Ken Hersh, has had a long history in the oil business. The franchise kept blue as the primary color to stay true to EnVy's history as the "Boys in Blue."

Fuel Logo

Image credit: Blizzard

“Bringing an Overwatch League franchise to Dallas with the Dallas Fuel is just the beginning,” said Team Envy's CEO hastr0 in a press release. “We plan to make the area a hub for esports culture and fandom—with professional teams, an arena for thousands of cheering fans to watch live competitions, training centers and more.”

Despite being one of the last franchises to announce their entrance into the Overwatch League, Dallas has been working fast on building its team and branding. A few weeks before the announcement of the team's branding, the franchise announced it would be adding Seagull to its roster for the Overwatch League, and the team is expected to acquire more subs to fill out the roster that will be competing in the Contenders LAN playoffs.

There may not be a long wait until the next Overwatch League franchise's branding is announced. According to the Twitter of the High Noon Podcast, Los Angeles Gladiators has been trademarked as an esports brand. EPSN's Jacob Wolf has identified this as the name of the Kroenke's franchise in Los Angeles.