The European side of Contenders is less clear-cut than its North American counterpart. While Misfits have soared to the top with their new roster, with Gigantti not far behind, the rest of the pack is a looking much more muddled. 123, GamersOrigin, Cloud9 EU and the new Singularity is all in with a chance, with many of these teams playing each other over the next two weeks it really is anyone's game. Each team will only play one match this week as we set the stage for a climatic six games next week.

In the world of predictions, an accurate reading of the games between the playoff hopefuls will be pivotal in deciding who comes out on top. There may not be $100,000 on the line, but some would argue that bragging rights in our Discord server are worth their weight in gold.


eUnited v Bazooka Puppiez

Saturday 16th September 19:00 CEST/ 13:00 EDT / 02:00 KST

The two winless teams from Europe face off in an attempt to avoid finishing the season bottom. While Bazooka Puppiez were expected to struggle this season, eUnited came in as one of the favourites. Both teams have had disappointing seasons by their own metrics, they will have a chance for a small amount of redemption here.

CommanderX 3-1

eUnited have fallen far but surely they have not fallen so deep that they cannot beat Bazooka Puppiez. This should be the game to end eUnited’s freefall from the top but I’ve said that twice before already, so this week’s 3-1 prediction for eUnited is coming through gritted teeth.

Mert 1-3

This is by far the hardest match to predict this week. Both teams have no chance of making playoffs and eUnited have already announced that they will disband following the conclusion of Contenders Season 1. Each team will showcase a different roster than they did in their last game, with eUnited missing vallutaja and the Puppiez starting Moffitt. However, with the eUnited players now shifting their focus to finding a place in the Overwatch League, I think the Puppiez should be able to take this one.

Scrubasaurus 3-1

eUnited may finally be able to take a match here in a game against what appears to be the weakest team in Contenders EU. If the once dominant eUnited is unable to beat the Bazooka Puppiez, the future will certainly look grim for the team. That being said, I don't think it will be a stomp. eUnited will win but will continue to look shaky while doing it.

Harsha 3-1

In a matchup of underperformers, nobody wins, but I think eUnited has at least put up more of a fight against their opponents than Bazooka Puppiez. In what seems to be one of eUnited's final tournament performances as a unit, they should be motivated to take at least one victory before OWL's arrival. BP's best showings have come off the back of star performances, but it's unclear whether they will have a star to play with this weekend. Regardless, I expect the series to be both close and bad.

123 v Misfits

Saturday 16th September 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 04:00 KST

Last week GamersOrigin showed the world that Misifts can bleed by taking them to five maps. Though their opponents 123 have only beaten the lower performing teams this season. Misfits will be looking to keep their perfect record going while every game is crucial for 123 as they attempt to lock in a playoff spot.

CommanderX 1-3

While Misfits made mistakes last week that cost them two maps, they still won. If you look at some of the most successful teams, Lunatic-Hai, EnVyUs, Rogue (up until recently) they all had the same trait. Winning when they weren’t at their best. I think they will recover from those mistakes and beat 123 here. For 123 though they still have three games left and their Week 7 fixtures against Cloud9 and GamersOrigin will be what truly decide their fate this season.

Mert 1-3

123 accumulated a fair amount of hype after a strong start, although these wins came against the the lower end of the tournament. Despite only just securing a victory in their match against GamersOrigin, Misfits are the strongest team in the European side of Contenders and should be able to handle this match relatively easily.

Scrubasaurus 2-3

This is the match I've been waiting for in European Contenders. With bock1 back in the line-up for 123, expect them to try to redeem themselves after their loss last week to Gigantti. I think they are strong, and will play Misfits closely, but ultimately Misfits will cement themselves as the top team in Europe.

Harsha 1-3

Misfits bent, but did not break against GamersOrigin last week. While the showing was decidedly poor compared to their normal performances, they should be able to handle 123 relatively easily. 123 is by all means an incredibly talented roster, but they are simply outmanned in nearly every position in this matchup, and Misfits teamplay is unmatched in Europe at the moment. That said, 123 still might be able to pull out a victory on Hanamura, where they've had their best performances all season.

GamersOrigin v Cloud9

Sunday 17th September 19:00 CEST/ 13:00 EDT / 02:00 KST

Both teams have a 2-2 record right now with the Frenchman ahead on map wins. This is one of the many games in these last two weeks that will decide who makes playoffs. Both teams are also coming off losses from last week against the top two. A close match seems inevitable with playoffs just around the corner.

CommanderX 2-3

Probably the toughest EU game to predict this week. GamersOrigin almost made a great comeback last week and I think this week's game will be just as close. They are strong on different map types so this should extend the series but if forced to fifth Control map, Cloud9 look the stronger side.

Mert 1-3

GamersOrigin stand to be the team most affected by the nerf to Doomfist that has gone live in Contenders this week. If played on the old patch I might have been encouraged to predict a closer match but Cloud9 should outclass their competition in this fixture.

Scrubasaurus 1-3

GamersOrigin surprised me (and just about everyone but poi98) last week by taking Misfits to the edge. I don't think we will see a repeat of that this week. C9 should win and put themselves ahead in the race for the fourth playoff spot.

Harsha 1-3

I think GamersOrigin will be able to pull out a victory on an Assault map of their choosing (probably Hanamura), but the nerfs to Doomfist should do quite a number on the team that has gotten the most mileage out of him this season. Leaf's play in particular is suspect on Genji and Pharah despite his Doomfist's dominance, but the team did perform admirably against Misfits, so perhaps I am not giving GamersOrigin enough credit.

Team Singularity v Team Gigantti

Sunday 17th September 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 04:00 KST

Singularity are fresh off two straight 4-0s but will face their toughest test yet against a Gigantti side that all but secured their playoff spot with a win over Cloud9 EU last week. If Singularity can take the win it will throw the playoff race wide open but they will have to work hard to take the win here.

CommanderX 1-3

Singularity only have two games left to make this miraculous comeback and have to get past Gigantti to do it. Recently in an interview with Volamel, ChrisTFer said he thinks his team might be top two in Europe currently. They’ll get a chance to prove it here by playing the second-ranked team in Europe. Though, as much as I would love that to happen as it would throw open the playoff race, I think Gigantti have too much strength in their roster to lose.

Mert 1-3

Singularity have shown their dedication to performing in this tournament despite their impromptu formation after the death of the Danish line-up, taking down eUnited and the Puppiez in 4-0 sweeps. Despite this, I struggle to see them taking more than a map against the seasoned Gigantti, who took down quality teams 123 and Cloud9 EU last week.

Scrubasaurus 1-3

Since letting a European mix team replace their disbanded roster, Singularity has looked good in Contenders, and even put themselves in contention for a playoff spot. However, Gigantti is not Bazooka Puppiez or eUnited, but instead the second or third best team in Europe this season. I think Singularity is good enough to take a map from Gigantti, but not good enough to take the whole set.

Harsha 1-3

Singularity has somehow put together an actually solid roster that took down eUnited handily and performed reasonably well against Misfits in their first match. Despite that, I expect Gigantti to come out with the victory in a decisive fashion. Singularity has a chance to upset them on Assault, which seems to decidedly be their worst game mode, but overall Gigantti is too solid to fall to Singularity, especially when they require special preparation due to their unique playstyle.