The revolving door roster of Cloud 9 EU, formerly Laser Kittenz, has returned to the spotlight once again with both CrusaDe and crems announcing that they are no longer members of the team.

crems was one of the original Laser Kittenz players, joining fellow team mates from Bench Boys to sign with the organisation when it was first formed. Despite the roster's constant changes, he remained a member of the starting lineup in the Pit Championship, the HND Invitational and Contenders Season Zero. However, he only played one game in Contenders Season 1 after Laser Kittenz were signed by Cloud 9.

CrusaDe joined Laser Kittenz as a trial player during Contenders Season Zero, after playing with Cyclowns earlier in the event. Signed at the conclusion of Season Zero, CrusaDe then went on to play with Team Netherlands in the World Cup. Similarly, CrusaDe only played in Cloud 9 EU's opening match. Both players are now looking for a team.

Cloud 9 EU are in contention for a playoffs spot in Contenders Season 1, with the team currently sitting just outside the top four with equal wins and losses. They play GamersOrgin this week, the team that sits directly above them in the standings.

The Cloud 9 EU Week 5 Contenders roster is:

  • Michael "MikeyA" Adams (DPS)
  • Andreas "Nevix" Karlsson (DPS)
  • Indy "Space" Halpern (Flex)
  • Tiago "mowzassa" Rodrigues (Tank)
  • Luís "Greyy" Perestrelo (Support)
  • Alberto "neptuNo" Gonzalez Molnillo (Support)
  • Lane "Surefour" Roberts (Substitute)
  • Jared "Zombs" Gitlin (Substitute)
  • Phillip "Kragie" Krag (Substitute)