OCE Overwatch have unveiled the inaugural season of the Bi-Monthly Brawl. The tournament features an eight team Division 1, with a $1,000 AUD prize pool for the inaugural season, and an open Division 2. The Bi-Monthly Brawl is set to breathe life back into the Oceanic region following a lengthy break in tournaments since the conclusion of the CyberGamer OCE Circuit.

Division 1's regular season consists of two round robins held over a seven week period, with matches played in a best-of-three maps format. The top four teams will then advance to a stepladder playoff bracket, in which the third and fourth seeds playing in the opening round, the victor playing the second seed in the second round and the remaining squad playing the first seed in the final. The winner of the final will take home the entirety of the $1,000 AUD prize pool.

Seven teams have already been invited to Division 1, namely 4Legs, Athletico, Dark Sided, Masterminds Blue, Masterminds GC, Scylla Esports and Sin Gaming. The final participant will be decided by a one day cup on the 25th of September. Two Division 1 matches will be streamed per week at OCE Overwatch's Twitch channel, with matches starting on the 1st October.