Another challenger has entered the fray. Oceanic esports organisation Sin Gaming has announced their acquisition of a new Australian roster. Sin Gaming are one of the region's premier esports organisations, fielding a League of Legends team in the Oceanic Pro League, and are the second big name to enter the Overwatch scene down under in recent weeks.


Built around three members of the now disbanded Rich Gang, Sin Gaming's new team has yet to be seen in action but will make their debut tonight in the second of season of the Australia New Zealand Open Division. With the OCE Overwatch Bimonthly Brawl on the horizon, as well as the possibility of a second season of the CyberGamer OCE Circuit, things are starting to heat up in Oceanic Overwatch. Sin Gaming will compete alongside teams such as 4Legs, Masterminds' Overwatch rosters, Dark Sided, Athletico and Scylla Esports to come out on top of what should be an enjoyable conclusion to this year's play.

The Sin Gaming Overwatch roster is:

  • Max "Locus" Eichhorn (DPS)
  • Jordy "Jordation" Frish (DPS)
  • Ned "Rain" Holzberger (Flex)
  • Joshua "Bus" Bussell (Tank)
  • Marshall "funk" Trinkler (Support)
  • Lachlan "Bertlog" Main (Support)