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NYE vs. VAL – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W2 in Matches

I like that prediction sir, let it happen universe.

posted 5 days ago
Overwatch League Preview: Creating Fusion in News

Look at all those flags, easy for Fusion.

posted 1 week ago
VAL vs. DAL – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W1 in Matches

Agree with others here, while not favourites Valiant have a good shot of taking this imo

posted 1 week ago
T2 teams presentation thread in General Discussion

4 legs

face: this guy is a sick fragger on lucio with boops u will never believe, he may be unable to get to GM but dont let that fool u, reflections off his bald head have been known to blind opponents at LAN

quatz: some people call him the "miro of australia" but tbh miro is more like the quatz of korea. this kid is nuts, he once killed me as ulting winston when i was full hp flying in the air as pharah, you think you're safe; you're not

animefan: despite his terrible ign, this gamer is the OG genji god and has been shredding buttholes since release, he also plays a mean tracer and does an impressive "goblin in a distant cave" impression

tongue: with that olive skin and handsome smile theres no doubt tongue has multiple e girls knocking at his door, he doesnt let that distract him though, he's sharp as hell and his flying balls will smack you right in the face if you're not careful

shoyo: jimmy neutron brought to life, shoyo brings the big brain plays with his calls and dva bombs and is always keen to pull out orisa and her completely pointless back legs

termo: and then there's me... the TERMINATOR, it may look like i get carried, but i'll have you know that i land my helix rocket jumps at least 50% of the time and provide killer pythons at LAN, if thats not being a good teammate i dont know what is

hit us up sponsors

posted 3 months ago
ArT vs. BLK – Pacific Championship Season 2 Playoffs Semifinals in Matches

4-0 blank cmon lads ez

posted 3 months ago
123 down one for Contenders Playoffs in News

Why was his visa denied?

posted 3 months ago
Sin Gaming enter Oceanic Overwatch in News

patience young grasshopper

posted 4 months ago
TWN vs. BRA – World Cup 2017 Santa Monica Group G in Matches

4-0 TW

Prove me wrong Brazil!

posted 5 months ago
USA vs. NZL – World Cup 2017 Santa Monica Group G in Matches

Some talented players on the side of NZ but I can't see them taking this.

3-1 USA

posted 5 months ago
Meet Rqt: captain & IGL of Fusion Girls, top Australian team in News

These guys are incredible. Thanks for the interview.

posted 10 months ago
Misfits, Rogue and LG complete triple shuffle in News

they may well swap roles around within the teams

posted about a year ago