Space Retrievers have found a new organisation after their split from Athletico Esports, with Dark Sided announcing that they are picking up the roster as their first foray into Australian Overwatch. Dark Sided are an Australian esports organisation, fielding teams in Counter Strike and Heroes of the Storm, as well as players in the fighting gaming community.

Grafix and Kura were two original members of the Athletico CAMO roster that enjoyed a significant amount of time at the top of Oceanic Overwatch, highlighted by their victory in the ESL ANZ Championship. However, with the Pacific Championship looming over the Asia Pacific region the decision was made to split the roster, with Grafix and Kura forming a new team. Bringing in Wuvo, Nesty, Mooney and Christoph the team played as Athletico Gold for a short period of time before becoming Space Retrievers. Maid also joined the team after the split, with experience coaching the Athletico CAMO roster since their days as Monopoly Club. Further changes were made after leaving Athletico as Punk and ModifiedFootage joined the team in place of departing players Wuvo and Christoph.

With another CyberGamer OCE Circuit on the horizon, as well as the possibility of a second season of the ESL ANZ Championship, Dark Sided have their sights set firmly on the top spot in the Oceanic region. They aren’t without challengers however, as Masterminds' Overwatch teams, 4Legs and other Oceanic rosters on the rise will look to challenge them for hegemony. Besides the local competition, the roster has its eyes on eventually securing a spot in the Pacific Championship, although that remains a long term goal for now.

The Dark Sided roster is:

  • Tom "ModifiedFootage" Schultz (DPS)
  • Eduard "Nesty" Popa (DPS)
  • Leyton "Punk" Gilchrist (Flex)
  • Mat "Mooney" Crawford (Tank)
  • Matt "Grafix" Hamdorf (Support)
  • Sean "Kura" Kovacs (Support)
  • Thomas "Maid" Mok (Coach)