NC Entertainment have acquired the Maxtill FatCat Overwatch roster, with the team currently competing in APEX Challengers Season 5. This transaction comes after a disappointing performances by the original NC Wolves, who faltered in the Korean Open Division and Challengers offline that ultimately saw them fail to qualify.


The original NC Wolves roster has been released by the organisation, with the former FatCat players taking their place. The Wolves are NC Entertainment's second Overwatch squad, with NC Foxes currently competing in the main division of APEX. The team played its first game in APEX Challengers Season 5 today, facing off against KNC Vmax. Qualifying for the tournament by placing at the top of their group in the offline qualifier, the Wolves roster looks to be one of Korea's better up and coming teams. However, they still have much to prove and will need to place in the top four of Challengers to advance to Super Week.

The NC Wolves roster is now:

  • Cho "JJANGGU" Myung-heum (DPS)
  • Kim " Edison" Tae-hoon (Flex)
  • Jang "Villain" Min-ki (Tank)
  • Son "Ritz" Dong-hoon (Tank)
  • Kim " Mentalist" Chung-in (Support)
  • Jang "Swoon" Sung-won (Support)