After achieving the biggest upset of the past weekend against the almighty Rogue with trial tank ChrisTFer, EnVision have traded one Brit for another as they bring numlocked into role for Contenders Season One Week 2.


The updated Contenders rosters revealed the switch out for this week as EnVision continue to try and fill their final position since Kophee’s retirement. Despite helping EnVision to a great start to their Contenders campaign, ChrisTFer is reportedly trialing elsewhere now. One would presume with an OWL team given his recent string of impressive performances with Team UK and EnVision.

Taking his place is numlocked who we will get the opportunity to watch in top level action for the first time since playing with NRG in the Season Zero qualifiers. Despite EnVision seeming unlikely candidates to get an OWL spot numlocked is keen to help EnVision do as well as they can in Contenders and build on their early success. He will make his debut against Immortals on Sunday night.

The EnVision eSports roster for Week 2 is:

  • Jani "Tseini" Kähkönen (DPS)
  • Jason "Jaru" White (DPS)
  • Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey (Flex)
  • Seb "numlocked" Barton (Trial Tank)
  • Anthony "Fire" King (Support)
  • Riley "Fahzix" Taylor (Support)