Star Tracer Mistakes announced today on Twitter that he would be leaving the team he formed, 123, before Contenders Season One. The news has prompted 123 to confirm Hafficool and Finnsi onto the team as flex players, forming a new six-man roster for the team.

123 have been trialling replacement flex players since removing kodaK, testing out Icelandic offtank and DPS players Hafficool and Finnsi. The team has confirmed both of them onto the team today after learning that Mistakes had decided to leave, grabbing Finnsi back in to replace to the missing DPS player.

Mistakes highlighted reasons for leaving in a Twitlonger, saying:

When I formed 123, I didn’t expect us to make the finals of Overwatch Contenders Season 0 vs eUnited and become one of the strongest teams in Europe. I always wanted to play in the pro scene and because of our motivation and dedication, we could compete against the best EU teams.

Right now I feel that our team has reached its peak, also some of the members on the team are busy with school/work, so to get better and move on I decided to leave my team. Thanks to Tonic, KodaK, snillo, Dennia, bock1 for their time and effort that were invested; iuKeEe and LegitRc for their support and advices. I hope we will meet each other on tournaments :^)

As previously noted in a team profile on 123, bock1 is a Swedish doctor while some of the other players are also still in education or work. This has caused the team to play less than some of their competitors, only scrimming 3-4 days per week as schedules allow.

123 will be heading into Contenders Season Zero as the silver medalists of the previous season but with a substantially changed roster and a totally new patch. It remains to be seen whether they can match their success from last season.

For all flag fanatics, do not despair. 123 can still use their incredible logo with a minor alteration, as the roster now has one Russian, two Icelanders, and three Swedes.

The roster for 123 is now:

  • Simon ”snillo” Ekström (DPS)
  • Hafþór "Hafficool" Hákonarson (Flex)
  • Finnbjörn "Finnsi" Jónasson (Flex)
  • Denis ”Tonic” Rulev (Tank)
  • Jakob ”bock1” Kleveland (Support)
  • Dennis ”Dennia” Forsblom (Support)