According to sources from ESPN, Blizzard and Team EnVyUs are finalizing a deal to sell a slot in the Austin-Dallas region to the organization. This news caps a week of happenings related to the Overwatch League, including former Blizzard employee BEARHANDS joining the New York City franchise, HuK landing the general manager role of Boston, and the beginning of the free agent signing period.

Team EnVyUs is currently trying to finalize an investment from a Dallas based company, according to ESPN. The price for this spot, much like the other spots, will be $20 million. Unlike the other spots, the price for this one was agreed on collectively by the seven owners already in the league and Blizzard itself. With this, it appears Blizzard is following the route of traditional American sports leagues and giving some of the league's power to its owners.

This should be welcome news to Overwatch fans except those from Charlotte and franchises that might have been hoping to buy the EnVy roster. The team has consistently been among the heavyweights of western Overwatch since the organization signed them more than a year ago, even going to Korea to win the inaugural APEX tournament. While it is not guaranteed the players of EnVyUs will stick with the organization, nor is it guaranteed that the organization will stick with them, it is hard to imagine the two splitting when the core of the team has been with Team EnVyUs since shortly before release.

Should this deal complete, the team will move from their longtime homes in Charlotte and Korean hotels to their new residences in Dallas. While based in Dallas, the team will also have franchise rights to Austin, similar to how Miami-based Misfits will have franchise rights to Orlando as well as their home city. Once EnVy guarantees its place in the Overwatch League, the attention will turn to their rivals, Rogue, on finding a home in the OWL.