Masterminds GC have announced the return of tjk to replace departing player Willx. Tjk was an original member of the Snakes roster that was signed by Masterminds in April this year, choosing to take a break from the Oceanic competitive scene in May due to personal commitments outside of Overwatch.

The move is yet another change to Mastermind's DPS lineup, which has been somewhat of a revolving door this year with Degs, tjk, Nectar, Soundwaves, Willx and Hus all playing in the position since April. The change is the team's first since claiming the CyberGamer Oceanic Circuit.

Team captain CantuS had this to say about tjk's return:

”I am extremely happy to welcome tjk back on the roster. I have no doubt that he’ll pick things up quick and get back to his old form as a superstar DPS carry. I look forward to our future results as a team.”

Due to the roster lock that applies to teams in the ANZ Open Division, Masterminds have chosen to pull out of the competition after winning their first four games. A forfeit against 4Legs this week was an early warning sign that roster changes were imminent.

Masterminds GC are arguably the top team currently playing in the Oceanic scene, placing first in the last edition of the oceanic rankings. A speedy return to form for tjk will be needed if the team wishes to retain their reputation as the region's top dog.

The Masterminds GC roster is now:

  • Huseyin "Hus" Sahin (DPS)
  • "tjk" (DPS)
  • Daniel "HooWoo" McIntosh (Flex)
  • Kyle "KS1" Lunardelli (Tank)
  • "CantuS" (Support)
  • Jamie "taki" Daskalou (Support)
  • "Smeves" (Coach)