Masterminds GC announced their re-entry into Overwatch this Friday, just ten days after their previous roster officially disbanded. Masterminds' acquisition of the highly ranked team , Snakes, places the organisation back into the foreground of domestic Australian competition. Players Degs, KS1 and taki should feel right at home under the Masterminds banner, having competed on earlier iterations of the organisation's Overwatch roster.

The current team has been a top competitor in recent Australian events under the Snakes name, securing one of the four available LAN spots in the ESL Championship Final. With Blank Esports competing in Taiwan and hence absent from local competition, Masterminds have a chance to earn top placings in the ongoing ESL and CyberGamer tournaments. However, their path to success is by no means uncontested, as multiple teams are competing to fill the vacuum created by Blank's current absence from the Australian scene.

Mastermind GC's new lineup is as follows:

  • "Degs" (DPS)
  • "tjk" (DPS)
  • Daniel "HooWoo" McIntosh (Flex)
  • Kyle "KS1" Lunardelli (Tank)
  • "CantuS" (Support)
  • Jamie "taki" Daskalou (Support)
  • "Smeves" (Coach)